Wednesday 8 August 2012

Progress I can share

I am currently working on two secret projects.  It's driving me mad not being able to share them.  Ah well, one day....

But I actually have taken a couple of photos of some ongoing work.   Firstly we have a Wingspan Shawl.  It is a free pattern that has whispered to me for a while.

Wingspan 02

I decided to use the yarn I won from pinkundine of Misadventures in Craft.  This self striping yarn is perfect for a Wingspan and I've seen this style of yarn used a couple of times in the project pages on Ravelry.

Wingspan 01

It's a beautifully mindless knit, and it is perfect for knit night.  I'm not really knitting it at home, but it is still growing well.  The colours make me think of Spring.  I wasn't going to keep it, but it is making me want to be selfish with this knit.  I shall see what it is like when it is done, because I intended this scarf/shawl to be a gift to a girl I know for Christmas.  She would be feel like a princess in it.

On to my other "doing it when I think about it" project.  My hexipuffs.

Hexipuffs 02

I hoped that arranging them artfully would make them look better.  But no, there are still only six of them.  They will grow into a bigger pile, slowly but surely.  This was never going to be a quick project.  I have no hurry to get it done.

Hexipuffs 01

My little pile of hexis will grow and grow and grow until they are a HUUUUUGE pile.  I like having a bag into which I can dip when I am considering what to knit.  By the time I've finished a hexipuff, I know what it is I want to work on for the rest of the day.

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