Monday 20 August 2012

Poorly Blogger

I have been a very poor blogger of late.  I know this and I'm NOT going to apologise the way other bloggers do.  I'm just going to explain that over the next few weeks my posts will be few and far between.  As you are probably aware, my health has been deteriorating of late and I have been waiting for surgery, to hopefully relieve some of my worst symptoms.  I FINALLY have a date for that operation.  The 3rd of October.  Having a date is wonderful, I just wish it happened before Summer was over, however, it does means that I should have an okish Christmas this year.

Until my operation I am not going to beat myself up trying to blog about everything.  I'm not going to be able to.  The main block for my blogging is the photography aspect.  I usually like to post pretty photos of nicely finished things, and photography is the most physical thing I do - ridiculous I know, but true.

I'm also slacking off on the blocking stages of finished projects, as that is pretty physical too, crawling around the floor pinning out errant edges is not my idea of fun at the moment.

I'm still knitting away, but it is all fairly undramatic progress at the moment.

I did cast on a Spectra by Stephen West the other day.  I'm using my Countess Ablaze Count Cashmerino Sock in Grey Skies Over Manchester, that I shared with you earlier in the month.

Countess Ablaze 01.jpg

I added a skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock, to the mix, that I picked up cheaply from Hejhog.

I haven't taken a photo of yet ;-)

I normally avoid intarsia like the plague, but this is nice crisp intarsia that only involves one twist of yarn,every now and again, in a nice straight line.  It is mildly annoying but I can tolerate it for the lovely pattern.

I cast on the Spectra because I had finished the Wingspan.  It is lovely and sproingy, but it does need blocking to crisp out the points.  I really enjoyed knitting it and I love how it looks and drapes.  I am very tempted to cast on another just for me, using some of my yarn from stash.  I shall have to debate which is the right yarn to use, whilst I knit Spectra.

My hexipuffs are also stacking up.  I think I have about 10 now.  I know it isn't a huge mountain, but I am enjoying the lack of pressure I have put on myself with these little knitting gems.  I will finish when I have enough.  I don't have an end date or a final size I want to get too, I'm just knitting them for fun.  It's  quite liberating and revisiting old sock yarn projects is lovely.  I have so many beautiful sock yarn odds and ends, that make perfect little hexipuffs, and knitting with them again is a dream.  Next time I have the right light for my phone camera I will snap a few of my favourite ones to share.

I've also been trucking along with Maplewing.  I'm past the change over from the big pattern repeats at the edges, and I'm now onto the smaller repeats section, which is easier to memorise.  This section is going much faster because of the shrinking of the number of stitches and the easier to remember pattern.  I may actually finish this pattern one day - a while ago, I wasn't so sure!

As I have a large aversion to posting, without including photos, I will include a couple that I took in the garden a few weeks ago.

Lavendar 01
© Chrissy Fletcher, 2012 - Lavender Flower

Little Yellow Flower 01
© Chrissy Fletcher, 2012 - Tiny Yellow Flower

© Chrissy Fletcher, 2012 - Aquilegia

I hope you like them.  I want some yarn in the same colour as the aguilegia, if you spot it, let me know, though I think BabyLongLegs may have some that is pretty close.

So, until I feel like posting again, so long!


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