Friday 24 February 2012

I have finished something!

It's a bit of a shock I know.  It feels like forever since I last shared a proper FO!  Today I can do a big Ta-Dah!

Lazy Yoda 07

Please ignore my scruffy background.  Just look at the pretty and bright green shawl that I made!  Here maybe this will look better:

Lazy Yoda 06

I always knew the lace would get lost a bit in this scarf, but I really don't care!  I love how soft it is and how vibrant the yarn is.  It cheers me up whenever I put it on.

The yarn is BabyLongLegs Merino Sock in Yoda and the pattern is LazyKaty by Birgit Freyer.  I really enjoyed the pattern and it really was very simple and fun to make.  I think the shape works really well and seems to sit around the neck a bit better than some other shawlettes.

The lace is a sweet and easy pattern to remember and is only a few rows.

Lazy Yoda 04

In fact the hardest thing about the whole shawl was understanding the key for the crocheted cast off.  I got a bit stumped and looked at the ever helpful Ravelry for useful project notes, and found a couple of people had also struggled with the cast off.  There were a few mentions of how to follow the instructions using a video, so I've embedded it below so I can find it again!

Once I understood the bind off, it was pretty easy to do.

I think I may well make another of these shawls at some point, probably using some yarn I won recently.

Zauberball 01

It's pretty isn't it?  It was from a contest run by pinkundine of Misadventures in Craft. I got to choose the colour and instead of going to my normal deep purples and teals I decided to choose something bright and Spring-like.  I am so glad I did.  I am NOT a pink person at all, but these colours together really seem to make me smile.  I think it would be perfect for a LazyKaty shawl.  I don't think I'll get a chance to cast on for a while, what with all the other shawl knitting that is going on now and in the next few weeks, but it is nice to know it is waiting for me, whenever I want to cast on something simple, elegant and pretty.

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