Friday 3 August 2012

My First Entrelac!

I have finished my entrelac cowl.  I really really love it.

Entrelac Neck Warmer 04

Isn't it yummy?  I thought about blocking it, but I love the way it cups the face and reaches up to my ears.

Entrelac Neck Warmer 03

I also don't think the stitches need any straightening.  This yarn is so lovely and plump it fills any gaps and irregularities in stitches.  It looks neat enough.

Entrelac Neck Warmer 05

My friend tried it on and fell in love.  I won't give this lovely thing away, because this yarn is my favourite ever, but I have got some yarn that will suit her and know what she is getting for Christmas now.  I did enjoy knitting this cowl so knitting another one for my friend will be no hardship.

I do think cowls will become one of my new favourite things to knit.  They are so quick and neat and they use less yarn than scarves!

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