Friday 20 May 2011

Something I Stitched

I had hoped to have two things to share with you today, but unfortunately my Recovery Sweater, is still drying on the blocking boards.  Who knew that viscose held so much water??  So instead of two "ta dahs" I only have one, so here it is.

Ta Dah!!!!!!

Yes it is another Amish Puzzle Ball.  I think this is third one I've made now, so I can pretty much do it on auto pilot.  The first ball I made used all cotton fabric pieces and was very squishy.  The second one I made, used some fleece for the inner fabric pieces which made it more sturdy, so I followed the same design principles for this version.

This was actually a requested item.  A friend from one of my knitting groups is pregnant and she asked me to make a puzzle ball for her.  I told her as I was planning on making a gift anyway she didn't have to pay me for this.  Her request saved me having to chose a present!  I suppose as she knits herself, she doesn't need any baby jackets making!  I asked what colours she wanted and she chose yellow.  I hope she will be happy with these fabric choices.

I love the contrast between smooth cotton and fuzzy fleece.  I always try to put the rough side out on these balls, as I understand babies like different textures.

This ball seems to be slightly smaller than the last one I made, despite using exactly the same template.  Here is a picture with my hand to show scale.

Maybe I stuffed it more firmly this time, or the fleece is more dense, or maybe, my memory is playing tricks!

I am pretty pleased with this gift, and I hope that my friend likes it.  It was a perfect project to get me back at the sewing machine. I could do most of the cutting out on the sofa, and then after the rugby balls were sewn together at the machine, all the stuffing and sewing together of the pieces was, again, done on the sofa by hand.  So even though the project took most of the day, only 1 hour was spent on the sewing machine.

I think my next project will be another purse, as they are small, quick and easy.  I think the yellow fabric I bought for this ball will look lovely as a purse lining and I have the perfect contrast fabric for the outside.  Watch this space!

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