Thursday 9 September 2010

Present for a Birthday Boy

This weekend there was a birthday party that we were invited to.  It was the first birthday of our friends' son, Logan.  Our friends live in a different city so it was the first time we met this adorable little chap.  This is because when we go and visit it is usually for partying purposes and Logan gets a sleep over at his grandparent's.  As we were yet to meet young master Logan I decided that a fabulous birthday gift was in order.  I knew it had to be hand made as his parents love to receive hand made gifts, and I knew it needed to be a bit quirky.  Enter the Amish Puzzle Ball!

I LOVE this project and I really enjoyed making it - from start to finish.  I even used mainly left over fabrics from other favorite projects: -  My First Trousers, A Bag for a Birthday Boy, A Flower Clutch and A Pink Felted Purse.  I loved all these projects and the fabrics, so it is wonderful to be able to use them for something else, just as lovely.  Being able to use every last scrap of fabric is one of the reasons I love patchwork and sewing so much.  Nothing is wasted.

Added to these fabrics I found a couple of fat quarters in my slowly growing collection and mixed them all up to create this:

I think my favorite fabric, which is very suitable for a little boy is this one:

I knew his goth loving mamma was going to love it too, and of course I was right!  The ball is around 10" across and is lovely and squidgy.  I love how it falls when you throw it.

I am pretty sure that Logan will barely get to play with this ball as I imagine it will be thrown more by his parents until he is big enough to steal it back, though he was grabbing onto it quite hard over the afternoon.  I hope this is a present which will stand the test of time and be played with even when he is a big and strong teenager and needs something to throw at someone's head!  I tried to make it soft enough to prevent injury even when being thrown by an angry teenager.

I love this project so much that I might just make another one - well I did cut an extra 12 purple segments by accident, so it would be a shame to let them go to waste wouldn't it?


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