Monday 6 December 2010

New Sewing Machine

I have been dropping hints for the last week or so about my new sewing machine.  I hadn't wanted to talk about it until I had something other than little sewn swatches to show you.  I ordered my new sewing machine at the Harrogate Show from White Rose Sewing & Craft.  The machine I settled on is the Janome DXL603 which has been reduced in price to £369 and has a Quilting Kit worth £99 included in the package.

I am really pleased with the machine I got.  I'm especially pleased that I didn't have to buy all the quilting stuff, as I was going to buy all that anyway.  This new machine is particularly meant to be used for making bags and quilts, both of which need a walking foot and a quilting table.

I didn't really go intending to get a sewing machine with around 60 stitches on it, but I did want one with a drop in bobbin and stretch stitches.  I also wanted a needle up and down button.  The main criteria for me was the ability to go through great big wodges of fabric,  interfacing and batting, folded over, so I could make bags without breaking my machine.  This machine just sails through all of that without skipping a beat.  I can also sew in my kitchen and not disturb the OH while he watches TV or listens to the radio in the other room - which is an added bonus!

My first project on this sewing machine was another Amish Puzzle Ball.  The original Puzzle Ball, used some fabric left over from my pyjamas.  I managed to cut an extra 12 pieces of this material, by accident, so I put them to one side and knew I would end up using them in my next Puzzle Ball.  To go with my left over purple fabric pieces, I bought some bright green fleece from the market - £4 a metre, you can't go wrong with market prices!  I cut up the fabric and sewed the puzzle ball in a couple of hours.

The fleece creates a much sturdier sphere, and it is soft and fluffy to the touch.  I really prefer the structure on this Puzzle Ball, and know that next time I make one of these great toys I will use fleece on at least part of each segment.

I think the two fabrics work well together and the sewing machine worked like a dream.

I think this new sewing machine will really help me move forwards in sewing, and encourage me to try different things, because of it's range of stitches and extra feet.  I really can't wait to try it out on sewing the jersey fabric I bought at the show.  It should be a breeze with the stretch stitches that I've not had access to be before, and the over the edge foot to help secure the seam edges.  I am especially looking forward to seeing how it copes with my next bag project - I've bought some purple velvet especially....

I see a lot more sewing in my future, which means you will be be seeing a lot more too!


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