Friday 18 January 2013

One Cuddly Pterodactyl coming right up!

It is done!  My totally wonderful Pterodactyl is on my shoulders as I type.  It is warm and soft and beautiful!

Ptangy Pterodactyl 06

While I was knitting this project, I was aware that the yarn was a smidge rough on my hands.  As I had knit with this yarn before I knew that it would soften on wet blocking.  What I didn't bank on was how soft it went this time.  It's really fuzzy and lovely.

Ptangy Pterodactyl 11

The yarn bloomed beautifully once dry  It is soft to the skin, but I also know it will be hard wearing, because my More Than A Triangle Shawl was knit in it, and that is still going strong over 2 years later, and believe me, I'm tough on that shawl.

I have enjoyed every moment of this shawl.  I enjoyed choosing the yarn, the ease of learning the pattern, the simple stocking stitch sections and the short rows of the garter sections, with neatly hidded wraps.

Ptangy Pterodactyl 12

There are two wrapped stitches in that photo above, you can barely see them!  All in all, it was great fun to knit, and it is fun to wear, and it is warm.

Ptangy Pterodactyl 16

I can't believe I was scared this would be too small.  It's a great size.  It's quite wide at 74" and the depth is probably shorter than I would like at 30", but I prefer a wide short shawl to the other way round!

As it is pretty cold (for the UK) here right now, I've been living in my new shawl.  Thankfully the cat's strange interest in this shawl has disappeared now it has been washed in Euclan.  For the first time since I starting to knit my cat was pawing at my knitting and trying to climb onto it.  I think it must have been the sheepy smell.  I couldn't smell it, but obviously the cat could.  Now she has left it to me, I am more than glad to wrap it around my shoulders.

Ptangy Pterodactyl 15

I love how the wide end of the stripes meet at the front when you wrap it round your shoulders.  I think it's quite a slimming effect.

So now I must show you the shawl in all it's wedged glory.

Ptangy Pterodactyl 14

Isn't it fabulous?  Such a simple idea, that creates a stunning shawl.  I imagine it would look great with contrasting yarn types, eg wool with bamboo and just wool as the contrast yarn.  It could work really well with the contrast of the matte with the shiny.

So basically, in summary, I love it.  It was a good pattern and clearly written, by Marc Smollin, too.  I recommend it.  The yarn is a great hard working yarn in fabulous colours, for a reasonable price.

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