Thursday 2 December 2010

My new favourite shawl

I know I've been quite quiet this week, its because I've been obsessed with two things; my new sewing machine (I will tell you about it soon, I promise) and finishing my shawl.  I started the shawl a couple of weeks ago and shared it with you while it was in the early stages here and here.  I took this shawl with me on my trip up to York to see my family and to visit the Harrogate Show. I decided it was a perfect knit to take, as it is compact and mindless and involved a great deal of knitting, so I was unlikely to run out.  I was right.  As the shawl got bigger and bigger and the yarn didn't seem to run out, I began to wonder if I would ever get this beast off my needles.  I needn't have worried because I finally cast off yesterday and  I got my latest shawl off the blocking boards this morning.  So I am now in a position to share with you the Graduated Shawl:-

Seeing it laid down like this does not convey the beauty that the shawl has become after blocking.  You have to see it worn to get a real idea of the lovely drape it now has.

The yarn has softened beautifully, which I'm glad about, because it was a little rough while knitting.  That is to be expected with pure wool.  The other thing you get with pure wool is lightness and warmth.  Despite this being a 4ply shawl, it is so lovely and warm, especially worn in the traditional Danish Style (ie tied behind my back).  I think the garter stitch aids in trapping the air between the wool fibres to aid in warmth containing.

The size of the shawl worked out perfectly.    The depth is 35" and it is 93" across the wingspan.  As you can see in the top photo, this is a "more than a triangle" shawl and because of that, it has nice long ends that curve gently round.  This means there is no bunching up around the neck, which I ALWAYS suffer from.  Maybe it's because of my shape, but it may be a common problem, I don't know.

Because of the nice long ties the shawl can be tied in front very easily, or even worn open, as it sits so nicely on the neck, it shouldn't fall off.  Plus pure wool tends to be more grippy on your clothes than something man made.

These graduating stripes have filled me with joy while being knitted, and I'm sure they will continue to do so, as they keep me toasty warm in the snow that just keeps on coming.  I plan to wear it to my knitting group this afternoon, hopefully it will help keep the chill at bay, that and at least three other layers of wool anyway!

This pattern was very easy and I didn't even write it down.  If anyone is interested I will sketch out a few notes, but I'm sure you are all far too clever to need my help.  The Kauni yarn pretty much did it all.

I don't expect this shawl to be off my back very much this Winter.  Now I've had my little selfish knit jaunt, I should get back to my Christmas knits.... well maybe I'll have a little sew first....


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