Monday 31 December 2012

Summary of Failure/Achievement

I've failed miserably in one of my main goals this year.  I set out at the beginning of this year to get my stash in hand.  I told you all about it here.  I've been rubbish.  Here are the stats.

Yarn Meterage at Start of 2012 - 28,793m.  This number, by the way was a complete lie.  I don't know where it came from because I worked out in Feburary that it was actually 143,189.30m.  Yup - WAY out. That number is really seriously seriously scary.  It did go down a tiny amount in 2012 to 141,915.00m.  A fall of a grand total of 1,274.30m.  A totally rubbish number.  Especially when you consider the number of entries, in my stash on Ravelry, increased from 253 entries to 299...... Gulp.

I think the main problem with reducing my stash came from not monitoring it after I became properly poorly in the Summer.  In 2013 I am NOT going to let that happen.  I've already set up a new spreadsheet for 2013 and I have a reminder set to check at the 1st of every month how much yarn I've used.  I hope that by checking my meterage and trying my Challenge To Myself, I will get my yarn under control a little bit more...... I hope.

I hope you don't think I'm beating myself up over what I haven't accomplished this year.  Other than the massive stash down failure I'm pretty pleased to have managed some things that I haven't done before.  I shall go back and find some of the things I've done, to see how far I've come in crafting this year.

  1. Designed a Half Circular Lace Shawl Pattern, Lily's Slice of Pi Shawl
  2. Tried some Tunisian Crochet.
  3. Ran my first KAL, on my new Stitched Together Designs Group on Ravelry. (I want to do another one in the New Year.)
  4. Finished my first Quilt Top. (I've actually finished the quilt but haven't photographed it yet!)
  5. Loaded my both sewing and knitting patterns and tutorials up to Craftsy, been in two of their adverts and had over 9269 downloads from that site. (Mainly the free ones sadly!)
  6. Got into crocheting Woodland Animals during my first Craftsy Class.
  7. Sewed with leather for the first time.
  8. Knit my first circular shawl.
  9. Was a finalist in the Photo Category and the Something A Bit Different Category, in which I came third, during Knit & Crochet Blog Week.
  10. Made things for my beautiful new niece.
  11. Made my first entrelac cowl with my second Crafty Class.
  12. Reached my 4th Blogging Anniversary and gave away some loot!
  13. Designed a Triangular Lace Shawl with my third Craftsy Class.
  14. Had Surgery.
  15. Did my first book review as part of a Blog Hop.
  16. Spun some yarn on a Bogway Hand Spinner.
  17. Made my first video.
  18. Made up a designed a crocheted monster.
  19. Finished 47 projects, see the slideshow below!

Wow!  When you look it like that, I've achieved LOADS!!  I'm so glad I decided to do this exercise and look back at the year.  I know it's really boring for you guys, but for me I think it was a very interesting and useful exercise, even though it's taken me hours! It's easy to let the months slip by without really noticing and appreciating what you have achieved.  Doing a summary like this one has really helped me realise that there is plenty I've learnt and done.

Other than getting a handle on my stash next year, I don't have many real goals except to keep blogging, keep learning, keep making, and keep designing.  I think that is enough for anyone to achieve!

Goodbye 2012 you have been an interesting year.  Now roll on 2013, I can't wait to see what you have in store for me!


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