Friday 21 December 2012

Double The Monsters - Double The Fun

Today I took some photos, to show you my completed Made Up Monster.  I realised, as I started to prepare for this post, that I hadn't blogged about Baldwin being finished!  So, of course I had to make this a double monster post.

I shall start with Baldwin.  Baldwin has turned out to be a very sweet, but fierce monster.

Bathroom Monster 08

Just look at those fangs!!!  This monster is actually going to the recipient of my first monster.  I thought Baldwin could be a little brother for Hugo.  I had originally thought to give Baldwin to my other nephew, but when I saw Baldwin all finished, I knew he belonged on the same shelf as Hugo.

I used the same felt and eyes for Baldwin as I did for Hugo.  I love how three dimensional it makes the face look.

Bathroom Monster 07

I did make a couple of tiny mistakes on this monster.  I added an extra stitch, somehow, to the first arm I knitted, so I added an extra stitch on purpose to the other arm to make them match.  There is very little difference between 9 stitches round and 10.  I also attached one of the arms the wrong way round.

The photo on the left has the curved part of the hand facing outwards from the body and the photo on the right shows the curved part facing towards the body. I had a look at un-attaching the relevant arm, but I couldn't find the right yarn strand to pull to get it undone.  I decided it was better to leave it than risk ripping the whole monster apart.

Bathroom Monster 04

This photo helps you get an idea of scale.  Baldwin is a hand sized monster, which I hope will make him easier to transport on journeys away from home.

So having made this little monster for one of my nephews, I had to make another one for the other.  I decided to wing it, as I told you on Wednesday.  I am so pleased with the outcome!  Please meet my made up monster.  I have yet to name him.  Has anyone got any ideas?

Made Up Monster 01

Once again, I used my thick white felt for the face.  This time I added the felt to form the white of the eyes.  I also used separate fangs.  Adding the 12mm safety eyes to the felt means, this monster looks slightly boss eyed.  I think that, along with the wide spaced fangs, makes him look very endearing.

Made Up Monster 02

This guy has turned out to be pretty rotund.  In fact, I ran out of toy stuffing!  After a brief panic which envisaged me having to grab a taxi into the city centre to buy more supplies, I have a flash of inspiration.  I had bought lots of wool fibre to practice spinning on - I could use that.  So my tubby little monster is half stuffed with polyester and half stuffed with merino!

Made Up Monster 04

I was typing up the pattern as I went, but as the deadline started getting nearer and nearer, I stopped and just crocheted like fury.  I may try and make another one at a later date, when I'm under less pressure, and I'll finish the notes then, if people are at all interested.

I've decided to let my monsters hang out for a while before suffocating them with wrapping paper.  They look pretty good together, don't you think?

Made Up Monster 05

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