Wednesday 29 August 2012


When I had my burst of energy last week (yes that was the last time it happened) I took a couple of photos of my latest WIP.

Spectra 01

Isn't it glorious?  I love Noro colour changes but they can sometimes be a bit scratchy on the skin.  Having this smooshy yarn from Countess Ablaze on the outside edges is going to make it a divinely soft scarf.  I am pretty sure I'm going to be buying more of this yarn because is it is gorgeous to knit with and I know it will be wonderful to wear.  I love the subtle colour of the semi-solid as the contrast to the vivid colour changes of the Noro.

Spectra 02

This is how far I had progressed last week when I took the photo.  I'm much further a long now.  I'm enjoying this knit so much, as it is easy to memorise and the colour changes draw you along.  You find yourself saying "just one more wedge".

I think I want to keep this scarf.  I really should find someone who wants it, but I love it too much to give away.

That's all I've got to share this week, click the button and have a look at other people's photos as well!

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