Friday 24 August 2012

Actual Photos of an Actual Finished Project Shocker!

Well after all my talk of not worrying about blogging, yesterday I had a burst of energy and decided to exploit that burst and take some snaps.  I was sensible and decided to go "Old Skool" and NOT use the tripod or worry too much about lighting and using the light tent.  This means that photos are very like those taken, when this blog was first starting out, but at a slightly improved resolution, because I have a better camera.

The main reason I wanted to record a couple of my projects was the looming of birthdays.  Two of my projects will soon be wrapped up and sent away from my camera!  I will share the first of these projects today.  I will save the other one for next week - to spread out the joy of photos ;-)

I think the last time I spoke about this project was at the beginning of July.

Favourite Daisy 07

This lovely project didn't take very long at all to knit, what took the time, was blocking it.  I don't think I will ever get over what a difference blocking makes to ALL projects.

Favourite Daisy 08

Look at how the stitches all line up beautifully after blocking.  Even the back looks good.

Favourite Daisy 09

I will miss this project.  The yarn is very soft and drapey.

Favourite Daisy 05

The bamboo content of this scarf blended with the merino really is a perfect combination for scarf yarn.  It is soft and light, with less chance of overheating the wearer!

Favourite Daisy 06

It's a great length too as it can be looped artistically or doubled up and threaded through the loop, like above.  It gives the wearer options about how they use the scarf.

To remind you of the details of this scarf:

Yarn: Daisy 4 ply by Posh Yarns (80% merino, 20% bamboo)
Pattern: Favorite Scarf Ever by Lisa Bruce
Project Page: Ravelry Page

To see other finished projects to inspire you, click on the button.

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