Wednesday 16 May 2012

Blog Week Shawl & Another Shawl

I haven't given you much of an update on how the shawl created with the aid of Blog Week is going.  It was put on the back burner last week as I was working on a test knit for a friend, but I've picked it up again now.

The skeins of coloured yarn were numbered randomly and are shown here:

Blog Week Shawl Yarn Montage

I know you can't see the bottom right number, but it is 8.  Here they are, all together.

Blog Week Shaw Yarn All

I am very pleased with how the shawl is coming out.  The following photo is a little more yellow than it should be.  The colours in the above photo of all the yarns together are more accurate.

Blog Week Shawl 03

It's quite difficult to see how big the shawl is, because it is all bunched up on the needle.  I think at some time in the next week I'll try and put it on a piece of waste yarn to lie it flat, and see how big it is.

Each row is taking longer and longer now.

Blog Week Shawl 02

But I am really enjoying the changes of colour and pulling out the right skein at each change over.  It keeps it interesting.  I am weaving the ends in as I knit, because I think it would drive me crazy to sew them all in at the end.  I'm using the same technique I discovered when I started doing my Tribute Wrap.

I would never have striped the colours in the way that the list has come out, and because of that I am enjoying the colour combinations and how some stripes really pop out of the background.

As a change from all that garter stitch I have cast on another shawl.  This one is a bit different as I'm using Posh Yarn Gretchen 2 Ply yarn.  If you look on the Ravelry page for this yarn the top picture is pretty close to my skeins of yarn.

The pattern for this lovely yarn chose itself.  It has been in my "Favourites" for a couple of years now.  The pattern is Maplewing by Anne Hanson of Knitspot.

I didn't realise, but the pattern is knit from the outer edge up.  It took me 2 hours to cast on the 600 stitches with an accurate count!  This is why the following photo is all I have to show you!

Maplewing 01

I LOVE this yarn, its 55% Wool and 45% Silk, which gives it bounce and strength and sheen.  The colour is amazing and after treating myself to two skeins of this glorious stuff, I knew it would be the perfect match for this pattern.  This pattern is one of a few that have motivataed me to practice my lace knitting and become more confident with knitting in 2 ply, so I could one day attempt it.  It has lace stitches on both right and wrong sides, but once the pattern was established, it hasn't been too difficult to keep the repeats all straight.

I'm using my new Kindle Touch, instead of printing out the pattern.  I love being able to highlight the sections I have completed and also add notes if I want to.  I can't imagine ever having to print out patterns again, which will save a few trees!

I am also using combination knitting on this project which is proving interesting.  If you follow the above link to Annie Modesitt's website and click on the Combination Knitting Tab there are clear instructions on how to do this style of knitting.  I think it will improve the tension variations that seem to have appeared in my knit and purl rows since starting continental knitting.  I'll let you know how the experiment goes, but so far, so good!  I hope that next week I will have completed a few more rows to show you. 

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