Monday 14 May 2012

I'm a Finalist Again!!!!

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Somehow during the frenzy of Blog Week, I missed the post to nominate for the "Something Different" category.  I'd been wondering what had happened to it, when I saw the blog post from Eskimimi with the finalists in.


I can't believe I have been a finalist in both of the nominated categories, both photo and something different.  If you nominated me - you rock!

I was disappointed to miss out on nominating my favourite posts, but the finalists include the ones I thought were the best anyway, plus a few more that I hadn't seen.

Please go and have a look at the finalists, they are really good, and I am pretty sure I won't win, but if you think I'm worthy, then you can vote for me there.

By the way, did you see the winner of the Photography Prize, it was Pixie Winslett, by Sarah of Crafts from the Cwtch.  I loved that photo.  Sarah's blog is lots of fun, and worth looking at, if you've not seen it before.

I think I can safely say that Blog Week 2012 has been a great success.  I'm so glad I decided to join in.  Roll on next year - after I've had a bit of a nap!


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