Wednesday 8 December 2010

Back on Schedule

At last I seem to have regained my blogging momentum and have got back on the WIP Wednesday schedule - woohoo!  It's only taken two weeks to recover from my trip to Harrogate/York.

I actually have a new WIP to show you.  My Mum visited me in the Summer and fell in love with part of my yarn stash.  I'm not surprised that she did, it's lovely stuff, even though it's acrylic.  In fact the acrylic part is why my Mum fell in love with it, she can't wear wool, which is why she hasn't had many knits from me over the last few years.  The yarn in question is King Cole Mirage, in the Helsinki colourway.

The colours are so soft and pretty and the graduated striping is quite gentle.  This yarn has been in my stash for quite a while, so my Mum's request for something knit in it, for Christmas, was quite well received, because it would make space for some more lovely yarn!

Originally my Mum wanted a waistcoat, knit sideways, in order to obtain vertical stripes, but we couldn't find a pattern that she liked.  I did have a try at writing the pattern, but wasn't enjoying the process of knitting to a deadline in an unfamiliar style of construction.  After a discussion with Mum it was decided that I would use the yarn to knit a plain stocking stitch shawl, in the "more than a triangle shape".  This is a nice brainless knit that I can churn out while watching tv, talking to friends, and in the car.  I actually stand a chance of getting it done in time.  However, if I don't, Mum's birthday is in January and it's a joint Christmas/birthday present so I can always hand it over then.

As I only started the shawl a few days ago I've not made much progress, but I am enjoying the soft yarn and the subtle stripes.

The pattern is essentially the same as my More Than a Triangle shawl pattern, but on the wrong side rows, the knit stitches are changed to purl stitches, between the two outside markers.  This simple change makes the shawl grow faster, and uses less yarn, and gives a very different appearance.  I am enjoying the process, and hope Mum enjoys the finished product.  I've told her if she doesn't like it, I'll have it!  As a non-shawl wearer, my Mum has yet to discover the delights of shawl use.  I KNOW once she has tried one, she'll be wanting one every Christmas!

As my Mum reads my blog, I'm sure she will tell me what she thinks of her new present.  I didn't think there was any point in making this a stealth knit, because she already knows what she is getting.  At least this way, I can find something else if this knit isn't what she wants. 

But who could resist such pretty stripes?  I know I can't!

As I am now back on my WIP Wednesday schedule, I'm hooking up to Tami's Amis.  Click on the button to check out other great work in progress.  You might get some ideas from other bloggers about what to make next.


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