Sunday 5 December 2010


As the keen eyed of you might have noticed, a few weeks ago I created a Facebook Page for The CraftyCripple.  At the right hand side of the page you can click on the "Like" button and the page will be listed on your Facebook.  While all this is very good for my ego, the main reason to click the button is that you will receive updates from the page on your Facebook news feed.  The CraftyCripple page receives all my Tweets and it also receives notice of new blog postings.  If you don't have a feed reader it is a good way of keeping up to date with my blog.

I also hope to occasionally add updates that aren't on the blog, along with random pictures and links to things I like or recommend.

Whilst on the topic of Facebook, I hope you don't feel ignored if I don't respond to your request to be added to my personal Facebook friends list.  I'm afraid that my personal Facebook page is kept private for a reason.  Facebook is the main way that I keep up to date with family and friends and as such I don't feel able to open up their news and photos to people who, while I feel I might know them quite well from the internet, aren't people I really know, and I certainly don't know any of their friends and family.  I hope you don't feel rejected, because you aren't.  I love all my readers desperately and love getting comments and getting involved in discussions across blogs.

I hope I am fairly easily accessible via email, Ravelry, Twitter, my new Facebook Page, and the comments system I use.  I certainly want to continue to get involved in dialogue with you all.  I just feel that it isn't fair to other people to make my personal life and my online life, one and the same.

I hope that you all understand, and keep chatting to me in all the ways I listed.  Here are the ways:

Follow Me on Twitter

Like My Facebook Page

Subscribe to my Blog Feed

Email Me

Hope to chat to you all soon, whatever the method!


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