Friday 12 November 2010

FO - Final Knotted Cap (for a while anyways)

I have finally completed the Christmas present that started off the Knotted Cap pattern creation.  Originally I bought some Babylonglegs yarn for my friend Martin's hat, but after consultation with his partner we decided that it was a little "flamboyant" for his tastes.  Which is good news because it means I get to keep that lovely Radiance yarn I bought - woohoo!!

I knitted this final version in the Large size of the pattern, as I made Martin try on the hat I made for my brother as part of my "sizing" procedure.  I decided that my brother's Medium hat was still not quite big enough for Martin - who knew he had such a large head (I certainly didn't) must be all the brains he keeps in there.  After knitting my brother's hat in the lovely brown coloured Rowan Pure Wool Aran, I decided to use the same yarn but in a gunmetal grey colour.

I think this is a really smart colour and the solid version of the hat really shows off the cables.  As this is the Large size I've had to model the hat with the brim folded back.

I really do love my new hair, I'm starting to get used to it, at last.  The rest of the modelling is done on my lovely polystyrene head, that  is also the same size as my head, but you get the idea.

I haven't blocked this hat, I don't know if it needs it, what do you think?  This colour yarn really makes the cables pop, more than the brown.

You can definitely see the crown decreases better than on the other samples I knit.  I am still really proud of those.

I am sorry to say that this is the only finished object I have to show you this Friday, because my cardigan is still damp on the blocking boards.  I think it is because there is so little air movement in the house, which is good for insulation purposes but bad for drying blocked knits.

I have been told by my knit group that I have to bring the finished item to the meeting on Thursday, even if I have to spend all of Wednesday stood over it with a hair dryer - it is beginning to sound quite tempting.  I want my cardigan, it's getting rather chilly.

While I wait for my cardigan to dry I will have to start another Christmas knit, despite wanting to start knitting another lovely thing for myself.  Its quite frustrating I tell you.  But I'm sure you all know that feeling at the moment.

Maybe some of the other's on our linky party have had more success with finished object than me.  Why don't you take a look?


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