Tuesday 16 November 2010

Feeling Sorry For Myself

Yup, I'm feeling miserable.  I have an excuse, I am coming down with a cold.  My philosophy is that I am ill all the time and I really try not to moan about it, because it doesn't make me or anyone else feel better, so when I get a cold I'm allowed to whinge.  I mean everyone whines when they have a cold right?  And I have to cope with a cold when I'm in pain too, so I'm definitely allowed to feel sorry for myself.

As I've been feeling sorry for myself, I have not felt up to anything particularly taxing, so I've been knitting baby blanket squares for the most part and knitting hats for the Christmas stash.  I also finally got my cardigan off the blocking boards and onto my back, for which I'm duly grateful cos its the warmest coziest knit I've ever had.  This is exactly when a poorly girl needs to cuddle up in!

Please ignore the crap in the background.  Its just my usual crafting mess.  There are only two problems with this cardigan.  The first is that it has stretched slightly with wear.  I did wash and block my swatch but I didn't take into account that there is a LOT of wool in this cardigan and it is stretching.  The second problem is related to the first, the button band is pulling where the button holes are.

I plan to rectify both problems with one solution, I will apply seam binding tape all around the button band.  This will stop the front of the cardigan stretching length-ways and pulling sideways.  It is a simple genius notion, and while I'm at it, I might add some across the shoulders, where there are no seams, because it was knit in the round from the top down.

I quite like the way it looks when it is open, which is just as well as it is a mighty warm garment and needs to worn this way most of the time.

When the cardigan is worn open the back is quite drapey, which I like, but I also like it when it is buttoned up, which will probably look better with leggings or jeans.

I liked the sleeves in the end, after attempting them six times.

I think it makes the sleeves very neatly set in, when you pick up and use short row shaping across the top.

The buttons work perfectly with this knit, and I'm so glad I blew my budget by getting them.  I haven't taken a photograph of this, but the cardigan looks quite nice with only the top three buttons closed.  I'm also thinking of making a belt to use as another way of keeping the front closed.  What do you think, will it look too fussy?

I used the above buttons on the inside of the button band to help keep the front pieces in line when it is fastened.  I only used two and it definitely needs more, so I will probably sew on poppers to the inside of the seam binding.

I have no idea when I'm going to get round to making these little adjustments, as I'm feeling so rubbish and I have so many Christmas knits to get done, but at least I am planning to get round to it one day - I even have the seam binding!

Now I'm going to browse through Ravelry and plan what to knit when I'm up to the challenge.  See you when I'm feeling a bit less miserable.


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