Thursday 1 July 2010

Modified Hat

As we've been having lots of sun, I have needed my nice cotton sun hat. Do you remember it? Here is a quick reminder.

I really did think that the piping cord would be enough to keep the brim out of my eyes, but I was wrong. It drove me nuts in Turkey. As we have been experiencing a rather long stretch of sunny weather I decided that I needed to fix this issue. So I ordered some millinery wire from MacCulloch & Wallis. I chose the clear millinery wire as it was being threaded through a pale coloured edging. It was worth the £1.20 for a metre of wire as it has transformed my hat.

I think it looks very chic, n'est pas? Now I won't constantly be pushing the brim out of my eyes.

It will keep the sun away from my eyes, keep it off my nose and protect the back of my neck. Of course now I've fixed the hat, the sunshine will disappear, but we British always live in hope of one day having the sunshine again!


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