Tuesday 29 June 2010

British Summer

You may have thought that over the last few weeks I had disappeared without telling you again. I promise that I have been at home, crafting away, but I have an excuse for not blogging. You see it is the British Summer we have been waiting for around 10 years to arrive. We haven't had one in ages. The last few weeks have been glorious here in the UK. And I am totally making the most of it!

I have been sat in my lounge with the french doors wide open, or I've been sat under a tree for shade. I've been enjoying all the bird song and flowers we are getting.

We have barely seen our cat, because she has been living in the undergrowth. However, we seem to have gained someone else's cat. He also seems to be enjoying the bird song!

We don't know who he belongs to but he seems to have adopted us and he is adorable. He is very obviously still young as he bounces round the garden like a kitten still. In fact the local boss cat even tolerates him. I wish I'd had my camera when they bumped noses, as we've never seen the boss cat looking so laid back. Yesterday though, our cat decided to hang out in the shade by the french doors.

And about a metre away, our new friend sat facing her.

Our cat was not happy but was too hot to object. She even let him wander into our house and help himself to her dinner. I cannot believe how tolerant Parsley is being. Normally she goes crazy with any cat within 10 yards of her. It has to be the heat.

I have come to the conclusion that our new friend is trying to learn how to be a proper grown up as he is following all the well established cats round the neighborhood copying their every move. I just hope that when it gets cooler their patience doesn't wear out, or he is going to be one chastised kitty cat!


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