Saturday 3 July 2010

Ill Fitting Bamboo

After the success of my previous Summer knit, I thought I would have another go. I had managed to obtain some Rowan Bamboo Tape, from the wonderous Kemps. It was 69p a ball and I couldn't resist.

I really love the colourway, it's called Gale. After some humming and haaing about what to make with my bargain I was given the pattern book for the yarn, "The Bamboo Tape Collection" from Rowan. I was stuck for choices and even went back and bought some more yarn to make another of the patterns I liked. I finally settled on Haru (Ravelry Link) for this yarn though. As I am currently losing weight I made the next size down than the one I should have done. Apparently this wasn't enough.

As you can see, the 4lbs I lost during this knit have made the already generous ease of this garment, ridiculously huge.

The minimal shaping is practically non-existent on me. I know I have a large bust, but you don't expect your waist to totally disappear in a garment!

The top slid so far down at the front, every time I leaned forward, my underwear was exposed. To avoid this I have knitted a strap about an inch in depth, with the same number of stitches as the neckline. I have used seed stitch to try and keep the strap from stretching too much. I have attached the strap just behind my neck, which has created quite a low back. I quite like the look.

This garment is incredibly comfortable and cool but it really is far too big. I doubt I will wear it out in public much. I must remember that when I knit the next garment, in this yarn, to make it a size down.

I have now decided to wait until next Summer to knit any more garments for myself, as hopefully by then I will have stopped shrinking quite so quickly. I still like the pattern and the yarn, but this style really does nothing for me. I will wear it for the rest of this Summer and then probably I will rip it up and start again with something different. Next time I will make sure that the stitch counts will add up to my body shape!


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