Monday 26 July 2010

... and tonight in shawl news.....

... yes that's right, I have another shawl for you.  I LOVE this one so much that it's going to be really hard to give it away.  But I'm going to.  I even know who I'm going to give it to - but I'm not telling you, you might blab!

The shawl in question is the Citron shawl from Knitty.  That pattern is written for Malabrigo Lace, which is technically a 2-ply.  However, I have seen the yarn in question and now know it to be a bit on the thick and fuzzy side for a true 2 ply/lace-weight yarn.  But I didn't know that when I started knitting my version.

Instead of using the recommended yarn, I used YarnAddict's Exotic Lace in Blueberry Smooch, that I bought at the Ravelry Day last year. This yarn is alpaca, cashmere and silk and it is delicious as it's name implies.  I adored knitting with this yarn, even though it was my first try at knitting with such flimsy yarn that didn't end in tears.  As the yarn was so much thinner than the yarn recommended it gave the shawl a gossamer light feel to it.

You can just about see the subtle colour shadings of the yarn on this photo.  It's hard to explain just how delicate the shift of colour is through the shawl.  The segments of the shawl are really emphasised by the colour striping.

I added two extra segment's to the shawl as I wanted it to be a true shawl, rather than a shawlette.  I think these two extra sections made it a really good size.

I love the gentle little ruffles on the edge of the shawl.  These would probably have been larger ruffles if I had blocked it a little more gently, or if the yarn had more "spring" in it.  I must remember that for future lace weight blocking, check the content before stretching it out as far as humanly possible!

The semi-circle shape is a new one to me, and I think I will knit shawls this shape again, as it gives several options for wear.

I'm pleased that the ends are long enough to be tied, as I doubt my intended recipient has a shawl pin.  I think a shawl pin might be next year's Christmas gifts to my friends!

The only downside to this pattern is the back of the shawl, at the neck, folds over.  This is a problem shared with all straight edged shawls.  I think if I was to make this again I would try and create a sort of "scoop" shape at the centre of the top edge so that this folding wouldn't occur. 

This downside is only a tiny one as the knitted fabric is so light and delicate I doubt anyone would overheat whilst wearing it!

And that is the end of this evenings shawl news.  Stay tuned for the next in the shawl series.....


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