Thursday 29 July 2010

Last shawl I promise ...... (well for a while anyway)

You will be pleased to know that I have finally stopped knitting shawls.  It isn't because I stopped enjoying the process, but I think I've finally run out of people to give them too.  I can only keep so many.  But this last shawl is actually another one for me.  I bought some "Just Purple" Semi-Precious from BabyLongLegs.  I loved "In My Blood" so much that I couldn't resist another skein.  I went for purple because between the two shades I can probably cover most of my wardrobe.  Having one scarf in a blue spectrum shade and one in a brown spectrum shade means that I can wear one or the other with pretty much all the things I own.  That is my argument and I am sticking to it!  Nothing to do with simply coveting the yarn, not at all.  I mean what's not to love about this?

I decided to use it to knit the "Travelling Woman" pattern by Liz Abinante.  The pattern is a free download and I've seen it on many project pages and liked it every time.  It is a nice simple wide triangular shawl with a lovely fluted edging.  It is perfect for wearing around the neck like a scarf, which is the way I like to wear these "shawlette" styles.

There is no centre point on the shawl so it doesn't seem so necessary to centre it.  It's also long enough to tie at the neck easily, so it doesn't need a shawl pin.

Please excuse the rubbish photos, I was in a hurry to get this posted before going to my knitting group this afternoon so I didn't take quite as many as I usually do, which means having fewer to pick from.

Once again this yarn has a lovely sheen and highlights the lace pattern beautifully.  I really love the edging pattern, which gives such lovely crisp points.

Even just leaving it laying around decoratively it becomes almost like art.

I have come to really love wool/silk blends.  They are beautiful to knit with, hold blocking well, feel soft on the skin and still feel warm.  I think I have come to prefer the blends over knitting with 100% silk.  I have to say that even loving the actual composition of this yarn, BabyLongLegs dyes simply take it to the next level.  She really is extraordinarily clever at getting deep and vibrant shades.

So now I have finished all the shawls I was desperate to knit, I have finally cast on another type of knit.  I have gone back to my Winter passion of hats. Part of me thinks the reason I've stopped knitting shawls is that I have hidden away from sight all my other lovely yarn for shawls.  I am trying to be strict with myself, but who knows when another skein will pop up out of my stores and tempt me into shawl frenzy.


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