Thursday 24 June 2010

All Hexed Out

I have finally finished my mammoth crochet project. I have loved doing it though. In fact it has reminded me that I really quite like crochet, despite abandoning it for knitting. I will try and force myself to try to crochet more again, especially as I have bought a few Inside Crochet magazines for inspiration. I think usually the thing that puts me off crochet is the amount of yarn it requires. However for my Turkish Hex project I used sport weight and 4ply which meant a huge wrap got made using 800g of cotton.

So without further ado, here is my completed Turkish Hex Wrap:

Please excuse the pasty white legs (I don't tan easily). The finished wrap was constructed using the individual hexagons that I talked about here. In the end I decided on a chevron shape for my wrap, which means that the rear of the wrap is shaped like a triangular shawl,

....but the ends hang straight down at the front and ensure that the wrap sits nicely and stays on my shoulders.

One of my favorite parts of this wrap is the way the corners of the hexes curl back around my throat and look like a collar.

After much thinking about the layout of the hexagons, I decided to work from dark blue towards the light and then light green towards the dark. This means the ends of the wrap (that hang down the front) are very strongly different. I can easily change the dominant colour by having a different end wrapped over me, like in the first picture.

The wrap is crocheted together using Adriafil Snappy, which is a 4ply cotton, sold in a 200g skein. I double crocheted round each hexagon and then crocheted it on to the adjacent hex. Once the wrap was constructed I double crocheted round the edge of the whole wrap.

I really love this wrap that reminds me of my lovely holiday this year, and has such an unsual colour scheme. This feels like a truely unique garment and I believe it will be my favorite outwear the rest of this Summer, especially if the weather stays as nice as it is at the moment.


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