Friday 21 May 2010

Birthday Present

I forgot to show you one of my birthday presents. I can't believe this slipped my mind, what can I say except the giddiness of holiday planning got to me.

You have heard before how much I adore my SIL, Emma. She is the best SIL a girl could hope to get and on top of that, she is a crafter. So for my birthday this year she made me a present.

I love that she made me a patchwork cushion, because it is entirely down to her that I discovered my love of fabric. She took me round all the fabric stalls at the Harrogate Show a couple of years ago as she was starting to develop an interest in patchwork and quilting. Her mother is a demon quilter and I am in awe of her gorgeous work. So it is completely Emma's fault that I have acquired a fabric habit, and I am very grateful that she tempted me into learning my new crafting skills.

This little cushion has pride of place on my sofa, where I can sit and admire the pretty fabric and the lovely composition.

Thank you Emma, you are a fabulous sister in law, and you make great gifts! Keep 'em coming sweetie ;-)


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