Tuesday 25 May 2010

Back from Holiday

I am back! I know you didn't think I'd been gone very long, but I was away a whole week, due to the wonders of Blogger scheduling posts. I love this feature and use it when I have vast quantities of stuff to show you, so I can spread it out a bit. This time I thought I'd use it for when I was away and recovering.

I don't want to bore you stupid with holiday snaps as ruins and sea scenes are lovely but probably a bit dull unless you are fascinated by vaguely tolerable landscape photography and the Turkish coast. But there were a few bits and bobs about the holiday that I will share over the next few posts.

As I am still recovering from a tummy bug that hit just after I got home in the UK, (at least I didn't waste any holiday time) I will leave you with some cute photos of animals.

Our hotel had a whole community of cats that strolled around like they owned the place. They would even come and sit at a spare chair at a table while you ate your dinner. We fell head over heels with one who hung out at the bar, but I never got his photo. The ginger one above was so friendly and toured around the pool purring and trying to jump onto the loungers to be petted.

The restaurant terrace had a flower bed running round the outside like a barrier and there was a nest of kittens hiding in there. Momma cat was often round and about, but occassionally a kitten would poke their nose out of the undergrowth. I managed to get this snap of a tiny kitten, just above the chair on the left. Not great of the cat but I love the colour of the purple shrub so much I thought I'd include the picture anyway.

For the dog lovers amongst you, this little puppy was found bounding around the ruins at Phaselis. He was adorable and I wanted to steal him away. He romped around the ruins and along the beach with his older dog friend having the best fun a puppy could have. I think he belonged to one of the staff at the ruins, but he was was one happy and friendly pup. Oh, and doesn't he pose nicely?

Hope that makes you smile a bit and makes up for the lack of craft. I really didn't do much on holiday at all, despite taking some knitting. Ah well, I started something when I got back, so maybe I'll show you that in a few days. Until then, enjoy the animals!


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