Tuesday 2 March 2010

Blanket Blue Gilet

Over a year ago I fell in love with a gilet designed by Sirdar to be knit using Peru. I love Peru yarn it is soft and warm and the colour shifts gently to form subtle waves through the knitting. I was distraught when Sirdar discontinued Peru, but was comforted when Kemps got a quantity in stock at a very reduced sum indeed. So of course I snapped up a packet and then went and bought the pattern. Then it proceeded to sit in my stash.

I finally dug out the wool around two months ago, all prepared to spend some time creating my treat to myself, when I realised that I couldn't find the pattern. The yarn went back in the stash, until a few weeks ago when I finally tracked down the instructions buried in amongst some knitting magazines.

As I am currently losing weight I decided to make a very snug fitting garment and add some short row shaping on the bust. The idea behind this was to allow for more weight loss, but to enable me too start wearing the gilet this Spring.

The short row calculations for this garment are what spurred the recent blog tutorial on this subject. I was really pleased with the way the short row shaping worked out. The top of the cabling is horizontal all the way round the garment which means my calculations were spot on!

I really enjoyed the whole knit and I was pretty pleased with the finish I achieved, however there is a slight problem with the garment. It is too short. I used a stupid tape measure from Weight Watchers as that is what I had to hand and I forgot that it has around 1.5" missing from the start of the tape measure as it clips into a slot that allows it to be wrapped around the body easily to measure your shrinking body. When it is laid out flat, it doesn't work properly. I forgot that and the whole garment is too short and looks boxy.

I am so cross with myself for this school girl error. Though it was a quick knit I am loath to dismantle it and start again. Because other than the length I am pleased with the garment.

The cables are lovely and the yarn looks great. I am pleased with the finish of the thing and I am particularly pleased with the buttons I chose. When you knock them together they clink like wind chimes (I am easily pleased).

But I can't get away from the fact the garment is NOT flattering in any shape or form. I can't decide if it would be better if it were longer, or if I were thinner. I'm not sure it would be as my proportions are unlikely to change as I lose weight (I know this from experience). I just hope as I shrink the garment will hang better, but until then I am reluctant to dismantle something that is so well knit to make another version that doesn't really look much better.

I know I will wear the garment as it is, even if it is just around the house and I can wait to see how my shape changes in the future and how those changes affect the way this garment looks. Until then I will leave it intact and enjoy how well knit it is and how lovely the yarn is.


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