Monday 1 March 2010

More Hawaiin Quilting and Fablulous Freebies

Following on from the previous Hawaiian Quilting post, I am happy to report that I have done the applique for the Hawaiian Quilting block for my sampler quilt.

I am so pleased I chose the sashing fabric for the motif. It looks amazing against the background fabric. I am really excited about finally learning to quilt tomorrow in my class. I am sure I am really going to enjoy making my cushion cover. Which reminds me I must dig out all the bits and pieces I need for class, they have got a little spread around the house over the half term break.

To help spur me on with my adventures in stitching I got a lovely package in the post last week. It was from Claudia from Machen und Tun, Munich.

Its an intriguing package don't you think? When I opened it up I wasn't disappointed. This was a blog giveaway prize from earlier in the month and I was delighted when I was told I had won the fabric. Some other lucky winner got a magazine, but I really wanted the fabric as I don't have much yet.

There were three pieces of fabric. They weren't all full fat quarters but I know I will be able to use them for all sorts of lovely projects. Already the ideas are germinating because the fabrics are really different from those available in my local shop, well with the exception of this one.

This fabric is a little less unusual than the other two, but I love the colours and I know it will be a valuable addition to any quilt that I make with it, well either a quilt or maybe a purse lining. The colours are lovely and bright and Springlike. And we all know that not all fabrics in a quilt can be feature fabrics.

This next fabric is delightful.

I love the delicate illustrations and the texture of the fabric. The colours are delicious and I think will be very flexible when I decide what to use it with.

My favorite has to be this one.

I love the simplicity of the design. The colour choices are streamlined and the illustrations are captivating. The addition of the names underneath some of the goldfish just made me smile when I saw the fabric. I just know that this is going to end up being fussy cut to death to make it stretch.

Aren't I lucky girl to have received this parcel? Thank you Claudia, your prize has definitely lifted my week and know that it has been very gratefully received.


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