Sunday 14 June 2009

Karmic Knitting

As the recipient of fabulous test knitters' time and energy, I felt it would only be appropriate for me to respond in kind. Not necessarily by testing something by my test knitters, but by testing something from the same group on Ravelry. It is a wonderful group I have only recently joined, where anyone can put out a request for test knitters. The test knitters then use their own yarn and then knit the pattern and give feed back. If anyone else feels like doing their karma some good, the group is on Ravelry and is Free Pattern Testers.

The pattern that I tested was BlueBonnets and this was designed by Sasha Evans of Sasha's Blue Carpet. I really like her blog which is full of a mix of craft and intellectual debate. She describes herself thus
"This blog follows the domestic antics of a broke, punchy, feminist, sword-toting graduate student as she knits her way to freedom."
I already read the blog, so when the pattern was listed I jumped at the chance to do a small quick project for somebody I quite like. The pattern is for a headband and uses a little bit of lace, a little bit of cabling and some nifty plaits.

The pattern used Paton's Bamboo Silk, but I wasn't quite as upmarket and used Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo. I really like this yarn. It is soft and silky but strong with a nice drape. I will probably knit something garment sized in this yarn eventually.

The pattern required using provisional crochet cast on. I think you can see that I may have gone a little lopsided. I thought I'd corrected any errors, but you can see it after blocking, if you look carefully. I'm banking on most people not knowing where to look.

I like how the cabling and lace shape the head band.

I have worn this all day, as it is just what I need to keep my growing out fringe, out of my eyes. I may well make another one, with the Baby Bamboo I have left over from the Cyber Sam project.

Along with the above, this weekend I have been knitting my Ishbel and carrying on with the great KAL Blanket project. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed cables, so after doing the BlueBonnets I dug out my big centre panel and got cabling. I'm sure it will end eventually as I only have 1 and a bit balls of yarn left in this colour. I just hope it is long enough, after the yarn runs out.


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