Saturday 13 June 2009

Romberry Scarf Pattern Now Available

If you are very observant, you may have noticed an addition to my blog page. A few weeks ago I added a section for my patterns. I have made available a Fair Isle chart for free download and I have now added the Romberry Scarf pattern.

The Romberry Scarf was designed after searching for a scarf to match the Porom Hat, designed by Jared Flood. After several sessions sitting in front of the pattern search on Ravelry, I gave up and decided to design my own. The Romberry Scarf Pattern is the result of many weeks of hard work by me, and my pattern testers; Purplereigns, Sataytoo and Acucena. Thank you ladies, you did stellar work!

The scarf is made up of a lace stitch, knit for the main body of the scarf and the frill edge is crocheted on. The lace pattern is written out in abbreviated instructions and is also charted, for those that prefer that format.

The turquoise scarf was knit using Louisa Harding's Grace Hand-dyed yarn and the raspberry scarf was knit using RYC Wool Silk DK. Each version used 3 full skeins, plus around a quarter of a 4th. If you wanted to lengthen the scarf, you would probably have enough yarn to add an extra repeat of the lace. The size, as written in the pattern, is approximately 40" x 9", depending on tension.

The scarf was designed to be reversible and is long enough to be tied at the neck, like a cravat or the weight of the wool silk yarn allows it to stay in place if it is worn crossed over at the front, under a coat.

I loved making these scarves and hope that others will want to make them too. The pattern is for sale at £1.00, which at today's exchange rate is approximately US$1.75 (this will fluctuate). The pattern can be downloaded using the link at the top left hand side of the blog, or directly from the Ravelry page.

If you do decide to make the scarf, please let me know as I would love to see photos of what others have done with the design.


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