Wednesday 17 June 2009

The Blanket Grows

I feel like I hit a huge milestone today. I blocked my KAL Blanket centre panel. This panel has been hanging around since February, and the rest of the blanket is to be built around it.

The panel is based on the pattern for Tie-Back Cushions from The Knitter, Issue 1 and is by Amanda Crawford. I love this pattern and have enjoyed every single repeat of the cabling. I finished my 13th repeat just before my yarn ran out and when I measured it, for blocking, it was 36" x 12", which is the perfect size to build the rest of the blanket around. Most of the coloured squares are 6" x 6", so they should fit around the panel perfectly. Now all I need to do is calculate how much more yarn I will need to finish it off. Psychologically I feel that blocking this panel has brought me a great deal closer to finishing the entire blanket, even though I know I am only half way through.

After all my hard work cabling and blocking, I decided that today would be a lace day. I watched some recorded tv and worked my way through Ishbel.

I have decided to do the larger version of this scarf, because I am not a small person, and I would like it to at least cover my broad shoulders. I have managed to finish the stocking stitch part of the pattern and I am now on the first section of lace.

As you can see I have already started with my lifelines. I followed a tip I read somewhere once, (I can't remember where, unfortunately) that suggested threading the cotton through the little hole on my KnitPro Options Needle and knitting the row concerned. This automatically threads the lifeline through the row, without any effort at all. It's a marvellous suggestion and I will use it at regular intervals throughout the pattern. I have found a video on YouTube that describes this method, you can find it here.

I have only managed 4 rows of the lace pattern so far, but I am enjoying watching it grow and can't wait to be able to wear it. Considering this was only a test knit, I am rapidly falling in love with the yarn and know that when it has been washed and blocked it will be very beautiful and soft. I knew I would fall in love with lace once I started, that's why I bought all that nice yarn!


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