Thursday 2 April 2009

More Bag Lining

I am seriously getting into my sewing groove. I lined another bag yesterday. I feel like I am actually improving every time I use my sewing machine. This time I was lining my Fair Isle Bag. I designed and knit it for college, during Summer Term 2008. Wel,l I started it during the Summer Term, I only got it finished during the Autumn Term.

You may remember, I hated the idea of colour work but ended up with this bag that I have become very attached to. I have used it a great deal, as it is a perfect size for quick trips out of the house, when I don't need to take knitting or books. Because this bag has been getting much love, the stranding was beginning to catch on things, like zippers and keys. I finally decided that the time had come to line the bag. I am very glad that I did, as it has improved everything about the bag.

I started with plastic grid bag bottom lining. I cut pieces to fit the base of the bag and also two extra small pieces to brace the corners.

I sewed these pieces into the base of the bag and I now have a firm base to the bag which has improved the overall shape immensely. I then took the opportunity to re-stitch the bag strap into the bag more securely as it was starting to stretch and pull the bag out of shape. I had previously only secured the knitted outer piece of the strap onto the bottom, and top, of the bag. This time, I stitched through the knitted outer and the woven inner and the bag. This should make the bag less likely to stretch.

I then sewed the bag lining and also attached a small pocket for my mobile phone, as I had discovered that scrabbling around for it was not fun. I also added a magnetic clasp to hold the top of the bag closed. I then sewed the bag lining into the top of the bag.

The bag looks much more finished and I am pleased that the bag will no longer gape open, encouraging things to fall out.

The lining of the bag, plus all the other modifications, has strengthened the bag and improved the outer look as well as the inner.

I am so glad I took the time to line the bag, as I am sure that I will now get a much longer time to enjoy it. It only took me 6 hours to line this bag, hopefully this time span will get shorter with practice, because I am going to try and line every bag I make from now on, as it really does make a profound difference to the finished product.


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