Tuesday 31 March 2009


Today I am trying to remind myself that life isn't as bad as I sometimes think. I am having problems with my health, after many months of less pain. The pain levels are nowhere near what they used to be, but because they higher than I have experienced recently, I am feeling pretty sorry for myself. So this blog is a list of all the things that make me smile at the moment.

Spring finally appears to have arrived in Leicester. We have daffodils...

.... tulips.....

... and happy cats in the sunshine.

I saw my lovely family at the weekend. I also gave away my Sweater Cat, but he went to a good home. Three year old Katie loved him and I am sure will get lots of pleasure from his company.

Last week I got a lovely present in the post. I got some stitch markers from Cliodhna on Ravelry.

Clidhna simply posted these stitch markers to me, because I spotted them on Ravelry and said how pretty I thought they were. They are very beautiful and I am tremendously grateful for this gift, as it reminded me that there are some truly generous people in the world who think nothing of passing on a gift to a stranger. If you want to get your own, very pretty, markers, they are sold here.

I am also very grateful my socks are looking quite good.

I am also very happy to be in the receipt of a book on baby booties, lent to me by my friend Angela, from my Borders knitting group. I am going to have such fun knitting things from this book.

So even though my pain is a bit worse than it has been recently, I just have to remember that life isn't all about the pain in my abdomen. Those few square inches of soreness do not have to rule my entire existence. There is a whole world out there, that is filled with things that make me happy. I just have to remind myself of that fact sometimes.


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