Thursday 11 December 2008

Finally Finishing

Oh I was feeling so virtuous last night. I have been really good, and finished some projects off. The first one was my last Christmas Scarf. Once more I will not show this in my blog, because there is a very remote chance that the recipient may see it before Christmas, and that is just plain wrong! I have had this scarf on my needles for well over a month, so it was good to finally clear it down.

On top of this completion, of the Christmas trilogy of scarves, was a very small project that took me a few hours. In a previous posting I mentioned using a French Knitter. Well this French Knitter had a needle and instructions with it, and once it came out of its box there was no way it was going back in again. I wondered what to do with my little kit and decided the best thing I could do was to make a very small bag in which to place said items. I had around half a ball of wool left and picked up a needle and started crocheting. After shaping the little bag to hold the French Knitter I placed it inside and thought "t'daaaa" until the pins started poking through the base of the bag. So in a fit of ingenuity I cast on again and made a nice circle in the same wool and made it slightly smaller than the base of the bag. I then sewed the new circle onto the base of the bag with some stuffing in between. This not only stopped the pins poking through the bottom of the bag, but weighted it, so it now stands upright!

I used one of the glass beads I got from the Harrogate Show, when I took out my magazine subscription, as a button. So basically the bag was free and I think it looks mighty pretty. Not bad for a few hours work huh? I am very pleased with the way the bead goes with the wool, I think it looks like a giant ruby. Oh if only it were, then all my yarn problems would be solved.

See how it all fits so snugly inside the bag. This bag totally fits it's purpose.

I love the wool I used, Twilley's Freedom Spirit and because it is 100% Pure Wool, it felts beautifully. I used this wool but in a different colourway for my ridiculous slippers and my Frankenstein Bag. In fact, I love this wool so much that I bought some more, yesterday, in a different colourway. It is brilliant to have around because it adds such character to whatever you are making. Plus it is quite reasonably priced. This new colour is quite yummy. I only bought a small amount, but it is probably enough for a bag or similar size accessory.

I'm sure it will get used up very quickly.

I took my yummy Noro Scarf out to my Knitting Group today. When I got there I noticed that I was chomping through the wool at a rate of knots, and probably didn't have enough. What a shame, I have had to get some more. Unfortunately Mary Clare's didn't have any more of the colourways I already picked so I have been FORCED to buy two different colourways. I will take photos tomorrow in the daylight so you can see how they will all flow together. The ladies at the Knitting Group were cooing over the colours almost as much as I was.

So there you go, I have had a net reduction of projects. However, I have had a net increase in the amount of wool I possess. Ah well, I tried.

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