Tuesday 9 December 2008

Ridiculous Slippers & Presents in the Post

I have finally finished my ridiculously large slippers. What do you think?

The pen is to show scale. But can you imagine what they look like on my feet....

Yup, pretty silly. I really, really hope that these shrink enough, because the yarn really seems to suit the pattern, and I think the different colours blending together through felting will give real interest on such a basic shape as these.

I seem to have got into a bit of a crochet habit, what with the slippers and also my notions bag. I decided that as I only had around 2/3rds of a ball left of the yarn I used to crochet my notions bag I would make a cord, either to use as a handle or to use to wrap around the bag instead of buttons, I still have not decided which. Instead of doing an I-Cord, or a crocheted cord, I dug out my little impulse buy from a few weeks ago.

It is a French knitting dolly. I used these when I was a child, at a friend's house. I haven't used one since and I saw it a couple of weeks ago and bought it on impulse, for pure nostalgia's sake. It was tricky to start with, but once I got going I think it is much quicker than an I-Cord, plus its just a little bit different. Let's face it, different is quite often fun.

I had a bit of a tidy up last night. When I was ill over the weekend I ended up getting all teary because I couldn't find something that I wanted. You know how it is when you feel so weak and wobbly and only one thing will do to cheer you up, and when you can't find it you feel even worse than before you started looking? You don't know? Well I do! I promised myself when I got better I would sort out the chaos that surrounds my sofa. So last night I was feeling a bit brighter and decided that I would make space in my "ongoing projects box" for all my ongoing projects. So I emptied out the box, oh and found the thing I was looking for, and took a good hard look at my stuff. I decided that I was going to be ruthless and cast aside the things I knew I didn't want to finish, to make room for all the things I did want to finish.

Last night I finally frogged my hideous Fair Isle Tank Top. It was such a relief to finally acknowledge that there was no way in hell I was ever going to finish it. I put the yarn in with the Fair Isle bag I am still working on, and whatever is left over will probably be used for a project I am starting in January. I will tell you more about that project in a future blog. The next thing I frogged was the plarn bag I started months ago. It really hurt my hands knitting this and I have come to the conclusion that I used needles that were too small. I will try knitting with plarn again in the future, but at the moment I have too many other projects ongoing to go back to this one.

So now I can finally see the floor around the sofa again and all is right with the world. Oh and the thing I was looking for, it was this...

I made it months ago and I finally got a pin to attach it something with. So at last I can add this pretty flower to my coat lapel as was intended at it's conception.

Now this would normally be the end of my ramblings, but I have got to tell you about my presents before I go. I got two things in the post today, that were knitting related and designed to make me smile. The first was a box, in which was lots of little gifts, as well as my kitty, from craftybunny, from Ravelry's group Knitted Kitty Swap. I love this group! I sent off my Pumpkin Puss today as my part of the exchange and I received the truly cuddly CookieCat.

Not only did I get this box of goodies, but my yarn from Jamieson's finally turned up. I purchased this at the Harrogate show and I have been waiting for it with baited breath ever since. Isn't it yummy!

Now I can start my Porom Hat. Oh such a toasty warm head I shall have. Yippeee! Phew I think I am giddy from the relief of not being the illest girl in the world any more. I most go have a quick lie down before I pick up my needles again, or I might do myself a mischief.

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