Friday 12 December 2008

Emergency Knitting

Phew, my fingers are all cramped up. I have just finished an emergency knit. This is my first, but probably not my last emergency knit. My OH (Other Half) and me were invited to a Wet The Baby's Head get together on Saturday afternoon. We thought we weren't going to be able to make it, because of visitors. These visitors are no longer coming, so, we are hoping to go to the "do" on Saturday after all. As the first baby to be welcomed into the world since I started on the knitting road, I felt I had to take a little something to this get together. As we only found out last night we could go, I had to start this little knitting project this morning. Why do I set myself these impossible challenges, someone tell me please!!!

Luckily I had plenty of Sirdar Snuggly wool in the house because of its excellent balance between value and huggability. I also had it in a nice cream shade - how impressive it that! I knew there was a reason I bought wool nearly every time I leave the house. So I pulled up Ravelry and started looking at the free Booties patterns and couldn't find any that I liked. Then I remembered that there was a pattern for some nice simple booties in one of my few knitting books, The Knitters Bible, by Claire Compton. This my first knitting book and I think I will be using it for many years to come. I opened my book and I was right, there was a little booties pattern, so I knitted it.

Aren't they cute. I think it is the size of the booties that makes me go all squishy inside. Not that the size shows in the photo, but believe me, they are tiny. Oh, and, the white stuff inside the booties, that is toy stuffing that I used for shaping purposes, not some fancy furry lining.

I apologise for the lighting in the photos, but I wanted to take the snaps before we went out tomorrow and I lost get the chance to record them for posterity. For an accurate colour, this photo of the yarn is better.

I hope the recipients like their booties, if they don't, I won't mind, because I enjoyed making them, even if my fingers don't like me very much at the moment.

Speaking of my yarn buying compulsion, here are the pictures of the Noro I bought yesterday, as promised.

This one makes me think of sweets!

I am going to try and blend the new colours in as smoothly as possible, but if I have to rip the whole scarf out and knit it again, I honestly don't think I would mind. I think I could knit this scarf forever. Evidence would suggest that I am not alone in this fond wish. See what my search on Google threw up.

But my lovely Scrumptious Scarf will have to wait, as I have one final Christmas gift to knit for my future SIL (Sister in Law), the lovely Emma. Not content with a scarf, I have to make her a triangular shawl. Now all I need to do it work out how many decreases and where, this is not as simple as I first thought. Now where did I put my calculator........wanders off counting on her fingers.......


  1. Love the Booties Chrissy !!! they are very cute...I'm sure all your emergency effort will pay off...they will love them.
    I'm very envious of your "Noro" partial to the purple one ..
    Good luck with your shawl xx

  2. Those booties are gorgeous - I hope the recipient was suitable thrilled!

  3. Those booties are gorgeous - I hope the recipient was suitably thrilled

  4. Alas, due to the OH having the lurgy we did not go on the outing, how ironic that it was his illness rather than mine that stopped it. I will bundle up the booties and dispatch them as soon as I can get down to the Post Office.


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