Thursday 18 December 2008

I am feeling sooooo smug!

Yup I you may have guessed it, I have finished ALL my Christmas knitting. Not only that, I have finished all my Christmas SHOPPING. Now all I have to do is wrap it all. This is not a small task. My OH bought a couple of rolls of wrapping paper yesterday, but I'm not sure if that will be enough. I can't face starting to wrap them today, because I spent all yesterday working on my SILs present. I am just about Christmassed out, and think I deserve a little break.

Once again I won't post any pics of the present for my SIL, as she may see it, nor will I discuss my workings on here either, but if you are interested, and you are on Ravelry, the link is here.

I can, however, discuss my Fair Isle Bag. This project is going really well, though it has hit a few bumps on the way. I spent several days over the last week or so trying out different ways to put a base on the bag. It sounded so simple in my head, pick up stitches and stocking stitch the base. But when I got half way through it just didn't look right. So I decided to start in the round and do decreases at the corners at the bag, this also did not look right, so eventually I settled on doing the base in double crochet. I also decided to use the dark teal colour for the base so it contrasted more with the main body of the bag.

The double crochet also feels more sturdy than stocking stitch and I think will be more robust for when it gets chucked on the floor. I tried putting my hand bag swapper inside, and the bag did stretch a little. I think the stretch means I will have to line it somehow. I have decided, to at the very least, knit the top inch or two of the lining in stocking stitch. I picked up the stitches at the top of the bag, from the provisional cast on, and knit one row in the round and then purled a row to make a nice neat fold.

I am going to carry on knitting in the round for at least an inch and then decide if I I am going to knit the whole lining or whether I am going to use fabric. Fabric may be more sturdy, and I picked up some nice cream lining material in a sale the other day. Sewing the lining will probably be quicker, as well as neater and stronger. Whilst I am working on the lining I am also considering the best of way of making a strap. I think I may use the same method as the base so the strap doesn't stretch too much. Do you have thoughts on how to attach the strap? I am thinking it should be reasonably wide and don't know whether to attach it inside the bag, or run it down the side of the bag to join onto the base. I'm sure it will come to me.

All in all, I am very pleased with the way this bag is turning out. Quick to make, it is not, but I have really enjoyed designing my own bag. I am sure it will be finished by next term so I can take it into college as a finished project.

On a different project, last night I worked on my Scrumptious Scarf. It was my reward for finishing everything else off, and working so hard on projects that required much thinking. I love that scarf so much, I think I am going to have a little weep when I don't get to knit it anymore. Though I am looking forward to wearing it, my own piece of luxury.

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