Thursday 30 October 2008

More New Projects

I can't seem to stop making new things. I really should concentrate on finishing a few things off, but I think it is my way of avoiding the torture that is the fair isle.

After complaining about college and being forced to make the dreaded tank top, I am enjoying the projects being set again. We are making a crochet necklace, using wire and beads. I picked up the beads and wire at Mary Clare at the Knitting Group last week. So far I have only been threading the beads, but I think this will be pretty when I have finished.

I went into Fenwicks to pick up a clasp for the new necklace and whilst I was there I was tempted by the discounts on offer. I thought I was being virtuous earlier after spotting the yummy knitwear downstairs that cost a fortune. I walked away from the accessories and went to get what I came for (the clasp and a crochet hook in the right size). Hah! is all I can say. The spirit was willing but the flesh was weak. I picked up a glass pendant and some more beads and wire to go with it. I am going to make a really glamorous necklace for my Christmas present stash, with my haul. When I have these projects looking more interesting, than piles of components, I will take photos.

Then after seeing all the aforementioned yummy accessories I was tempted into buying some really nice cheap Sirdar Juniper yarn.

It was so pretty I couldn't resist. I only bought two balls and thought I could make a scarf, a la the yummy downstairs accessories, with it for my Christmas present stash. I found a really great pattern and started knitting. Only, as it was my first attempt at cabling I went a bit wrong a couple of times. After frogging the yarn twice, it began to look a little ropey, so I desisted from the attempt to carry on. I also worked out that I didn't have enough for this scarf pattern and it would require another trip to purchase extra. So instead, I decided to knit something else, starting with the untouched ball first and adding in the slightly ropey yarn later in the pattern.

I had been searching for ages for a hat pattern and finally pinned down a basic beanie pattern by Woolly Wormhead. She does some cracking hats and I will probably splash out on her ebook, Going Straight at some point, which by some strange kind of alchemy fitted this yarn exactly. Hmm maybe it was some sort of subconscious cosmic buying accident? Ahh well it can't be helped, a hat for me it is then!

So despite all my good intentions to walk away from the nice accessories, I ended up splashing out on myself after all. My only consolation is that my hat will cost £4.75 and all the fun of knitting it, whereas the hats on sale where more like £15.00 and not in such nice wool. I intend to finish this quickly because it is cold at the moment and I need a new hat. I always wear hats in winter and this one will be toasty warm.

Hopefully with my next post I will have some more completed pictures to show you.

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