Friday 31 October 2008

Promised Pics

As promised I have taken some photos of my completed projects. I finished my hat first, this afternoon. I am really pleased with it. By the way the blurring of the photo (apart from the hat) is intentional. Look at the hat not the haggard ill and tired face damnit!

I did like this yarn, but it wasn't exactly a dream to knit with. The hat was probably about the right sort of size of project to be working on. It definitely looks better than it feels when being knit, but the finished item is great and exactly what I wanted, so I can't really complain, especially when it only took a few hours to finish.

Secondly I have my project, that was made for college, a crocheted necklace made with wire and beads. The beads were cheap and this shows, but I am pleased with the look and will be using the idea again, but with better quality materials.

The thing about beads, is you can spend a fortune on really nice ones, but for a first attempt at this type of project I decided, cheap was definitely going to make me cheerful. I will probably wear this occasionally, if I remember I have it. I got the fastener off an old beaded bracelet I made a couple of years ago, that I forgot I made, so it is possible that this will be consigned to the same pile of crafted items that never get used. Ah well, it was a good exercise I am sure.


  1. Good hat, really interesting wool and you don't look unwell, you have a beautiful English complexion. I am currently having treatment for skin damage on my face, hands and legs from too much sunshine during my childhood.

  2. Its amazing what a bit of make up and fuzzy focus can do for you isn't it! I am sorry you are suffering at the moment. I had bad sun burn when I was 11 and have been hyper careful ever since, but I imagine in Oz it is a lot harder to stay out of the sun than it is here.


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