Monday 9 September 2013

STCLKAL Update and more Prizes!

As promised last week, I am actually posting on a Monday to let you know how the Crafting Library KAL is going along.


I've been slogging my way through the largest number of stitches, around the hips.  I have finally reached the point where I can decrease down to the waist.  From here on in, there will be fewer stitches!

Professoressa 05

You can finally see the the cabled panels clearly as there has been a full repeat and a half of the charts.

Professoressa 04

I've been working my way through the maths for this project.  It feels like I'm completely re-writing the pattern to make it fit me properly.  I have discovered that the length of my torso is almost exclusively situated between my waist and the upper bust.  No wonder I nearly always end up with the waist of garments sitting way too high.  The things you learn whilst you are altering patterns.  I still haven't done all the maths because my brain started to hurt.

When I had wound all the skeins of yarn for this project I realised I didn't have a project bag big enough to hold it all.  I decided that was a good reason to buy a new one!  I found a great linen/cotton bag on ETSY from KnitterBag.  Whilst the shop is based in Lithuania, and therefore International postage has to be paid, you don't have to pay customs charges because this country is part of the EU.  As the basic postage charge went up to quite a heavy weight, I ended up buying two bags, but I will only show you the one I bought for this project.

Owl Bag 01

The bag holds SO much.  It has screen printed owls around the bottom of the bag.  It is 22cm x 10cm (8,5" x 4") in size and it's height is 32cm (14").  I have 10 wound 50g skeins, the current half knit skein and the project.  There are also swatches in there AND the pattern book!

Owl Bag 02

It also has four pockets inside the bag, which come to approximately 2/3rds of the height of the bag.  In the photo below there are two skeins stacked on top of each other, so you can judge the scale of these slip pockets.

Owl Bag 03

The pockets run all the way around the bag, 2 wide pockets and 2 more narrow pockets.

Owl Bag 04

It's really well made with it's draw string top and the strap handle is really useful.  The service was great and I got the bag really quickly.  I really recommend these bags for us Europeans.  I love how my entire project fits in so neatly, including the book!  I will get great use out of this bag.

Going back to the KAL, I have been contacted by a couple of members of the Stitched Together Designs Group on Ravelry with lovely generous donations of prizes for the KAL.  Sarah, aka ForeverKnitting31 has offered one winner a pair of her Awesome Boot Toppers from her ETSY store, HomemadeSunshine11.

Louise, aka madmum, has offered up some lovely yarn from her stash.  The yarn is a skein of Araucania Ranco Multy in colourway 308.  I really like this yarn and I used it to knit an entire cardigan, but it would make great socks.  It is 344m/376yds in length and is made up of 75% wool/25% nylon.

I'm very grateful to Louise and Sarah for their generous offers of prizes.  The more prizes, the more the chance of winning!

I am enjoying all the chat going on in the Group so much, and the projects being knit are lovely.  There is still plenty of time to join in the Stitched Together Crafting Library Knit-A-Long, why don't you come and join us?

Remember to use the hashtag STCLKAL on twitter and Instagram, and on blog posts, so we can find each other and see how everyone is coming along.  Hopefully by next week's update, you'll be able to see more of a garment!


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