Friday 23 August 2013

Stitched Together Crafting Library KAL - The Rules

Well, we are coming up to the official start date of the Stitched Together Crafting Library KAL (#STCLKAL) so I suppose I should write down some information so everyone knows what is going on!


If you want to use the above button on your blog, the URL where it can be found is here.

Firstly, you MUST be a member of the Stitched Together Designs Group on Ravelry.

The official start date is Saturday 31st August 2013.  Your project must not be started before this date, though you can swatch. The prize threads will be closed when I go online, on Friday 1st November 2013 (around 9am, British Summer Time), so get your photos posted before you go to bed on Thursday 31st October 2013.

The project should be taken from any book or magazine that you acquired before 27th June 2013 which was the date I first raised the idea on the Stitched Together Designs Group board.

Your project can be any size, it can be knitting or crochet, or both.

To be entered for prizes you must post at least THREE entries with photographs in the KAL Progress thread on the Ravelry group board, which will be opened on 31st August.  Please do not chat in that thread because it will be impossible to keep track of entries. There will be a chat thread, which you can duplicate your progress photos in if you like.  The progress photos can be taken at any point during the KAL, but must be posted within the dates specified.

Example of progress photo entries would be:
Here is my yarn and pattern that I've chosen, along with a swatch. (Then add a photo)
Here is a photo of the body of the baby sweater I am making. (Then add a photo)
You do not have to finish the project, you just have to post three different photo entries in the KAL Progress thread, on different days.  The idea of this KAL is to motivate people to at least get started on a project from their existing crafting library, and move that project forward during the KAL.  If you really want to do a blanket, but don't think you will get it finished in time for the cut off date, it doesn't matter as you still get an entry in the prize draw. Provided you post three different photo entries you will get one entry in the draw, you will not gain any additional entries for posting more than three entries in the the KAL Progress thread.

However, if you finish your project, and post a photo in the KAL Finished Object thread, you will get another entry in the draw. Again, this thread will be opened on 31st August.  You only get ONE entry from this thread, so there is no point doing lots of tiny projects to get more entries, you will still only get ONE.

It would be nice if you used the tag #STCLKAL on your project page on Ravelry, or on any posts on Instagram or Twitter.  It means that members of the KAL can find and help motivate each other.

I suppose I should really tell you what you can win, if you join in over the course of the KAL.  I have two yarn prizes and a set of cards and stitch markers.

One prize is a skein of Laalbear Bounce Aran (100% Blue Face Leicester).  It is an 100g skein and measures 169m/185yds.  It is in the Merlin colourway.

Bounce 01

The second prize of yarn is Manos del Uruguay Fino, which is 70% Merino/30% Silk in the Aster colourway. There are three skeins at 50g, measuring 225m/246yds each.  It is 4ply/fingering weight and you will have a total of 675m/738yds which is more than enough for a very generous shawl.  This is what it looks like.

Manos Silk Blend Fino 01

The cards and stitch markers, which are packaged as one prize, are something I have done for own use. I don't currently sell them, but it is something I'm thinking about doing.  The stitch markers look like this, and you will get a set of 6:

Blue Stitch Markers

The cards are a set of three, with yarny photos on the front, and blank insides, provided with plain white envelopes, made in thick white paper.  They are made of a good quality card stock printed by a professional company.  They are wrapped in a transparent plastic envelope to keep them nice and protected in transit.

Set of Three 02

And that is your lot!  This is all coming out of my own sparsely filled pockets, so I can't really afford to do any more than these three prizes, especially as International postage is horrific! However, if anyone else wants to provide a prize, or help out with postage, please contact me.

I really hope that you will join in with this Crafting Library KAL as I think it will give us all an opportunity to go back and revisit a valuable resource, that often gets neglected, the craft books and magazines we already own!  If you want to get chatting about pattern and yarn ideas, come and join us on the thread that got started a few weeks ago.  You might get some ideas.  I can't wait to get started, how about you?


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