Monday 29 July 2013

My Next Challenge To Myself

I have finally managed to get Challenge To Myself number 3 off my needles.  It's been a long time coming, but it is finally done.  When it's all blocked, I'll do a post all about it.  What this post is about is what I'm going to do for CTM#4!

I went plastic box diving and rummaged around for a good long while and to my horror pulled out this.

Now don't get me wrong, it's lovely yarn.  A cotton/viscose/silk blend, RYC Luxury Cotton DK which is so soft and drapey I know it will knit up beautifully.  What filled me with dread was that I have 14 skeins of the stuff.  That's 1330m/1456yds of yarn to work with.  That means I will be knitting another garment.  The other worry, is that I've gone off the colour, in fact I'm not sure I was every particularly enamoured of it, even when I went sales bin diving for it.  I may feel differently when it is knit up though.  I even have a few skeins of this yarn in white that I could use to accent or break up the purple.  If worse comes to worse there is always dye!

I have decided that I want to use a pattern that I already own for this CTM.  To that end, I have been running searches on Ravelry and now have a short list.

Autumn Afternoons by Amanada Jones from an Simply Knitting, Issue 98.
Strafford Tee by Amy Christoffers from Interweave KnitScene Summer 2011
Cable & Pleat Tunic by Tammy Eigeman Thompson from Knit.Wear Spring 2013
#20 Eyelet Pullover by Joan Forgione from Designer Knitting, Early Autumn 2010
Constance Tunic by Rowan Design Studio from The Knitter, Issue 15

I think I'm swinging between the Strafford Tee and the Cable and Pleat Tunic.

Strafford Tee (photo from Interweave)
I like the lace detail of the Tee, and the shaping.  I think it's a smart looking t-shirt.

Cable & Pleat Tunic (photo from Interweave)

I do, however, think that the Tunic will be really comfortable and flattering, when I've got a sore and swollen tummy.

It's a tough choice.  I think I'll get both patterns out, look at the schematics, do some swatching and then decide.  Of course this is all complicated by having two different dyelots of this yarn!

I'll let you know what I decide.


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