Friday 4 May 2012

Crocheting Continues

I have had so much fun doing my Craftsy course with Stacey Trock.  She is a lovely teacher and I've learnt loads.  I have now finished the second project in the series, which is a bear.  Isn't he grand?

Teddy Bear 04

My only problem with the project, was running out of the main colour and having to use the paler brown to make the ears.  I don't think it looks too weird though.

I was unsure about the positioning of the eyes, but they have grown on me.  I think it gives him a quizzical expression.

Teddy Bear 01

What do you think?  I think he would have looked better with the safety eyes I used for my Teal Bird, but this bear is destined to be loved by a baby, so his eyes have to be woolly.  I think his huggability levels are high though.  I mean look at how squishy he is!

Teddy Bear 03

He's got a great booty!  I think no one could resist such a bear.  What do you think?

Teddy Bear 02

I am probably going to take a little break from this course, as my OH is desperate for me to try out my Big Book of Knitted Monsters.  I think he wants his very own Computer Monster to blame for the state of his cable box!

Knitted Monsters Book.jpg

I think I might let him chose the first project from the book, to see if my theory is right, as it really seems to have captured his imagination in a way most of my projects don't.  I can't resist his interest!

Before I list the buttons to link to other people's projects can I take a moment to post a little advert on my brother's behalf.  He is going to be running the Jane Tomlinson Half Marathon in Leeds on 13th May to raise money for Bliss.  Bliss is a UK charity that is working to provide the best possible care and support for all premature and sick babies and their families.  If you would like to show your support for this long run my brother is doing, and this very worthwhile charity, please click here to donate money on his JustGiving page.

Stephen January 2012 After Edit

How could anyone resist that face??  Thank you for listening.

Now back to to our normal programme!  To look at other finished projects, click a button!

FO Friday Button.jpg

Fibers on Friday Button.jpg

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