Friday 20 January 2012

A quick finish to a long standing project.

Last April I cast on a pair of socks.  I was really enjoying a sock knitting burst of energy.  Am I the only one who has those?  Where as soon as you finish one pair, another is on your needles and you keep motoring away?  Well these socks were my downfall.  I decided that I wanted to make LONG socks.  Not the normal ankle socks.  I blogged about them here: in April, in May, and again towards the end of May.  These sunny yellow socks did most of their growing in the first month.  And then they stopped.

The stopped here:

I have no idea why they stopped, no cancel that, I do know why they stopped.  They ground to a halt because I couldn't decide if they were going to decrease after the calf or not.

I picked them up again at the weekend.  I decided to do a few decreases.  Then I cast off.  I put them on and I was exceptionally happy with them.  They don't stay up, but they do create the most cozy slouchy socks I've ever worn.  I think the only way I'll ever have long socks that will stay up is if I wear them with garters!

Socks 01

They are so warm around my ankles when I'm out on my scooter.  They are also unbelievably comfy.

Socks 02

As usual, I used Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off, which of course is amazingly stretchy and never bites into your skin, and with the added slouch factor they are so comforting to wear.

I just can't believe they took so long to finish.  It's made me want to cast on another pair of socks immediately, but I want to finish my mittens first!

By the way, the photos have been doctored to hide my messy house and lumpy calves.  Plus, I have Photoshop now, and I'm trying to learn how to use it.  I haven't even got past the introduction in my "how-to" book, so I feel quite fancy working out how to delete my background through guess work!  To have a look at more complete photos of finished objects, click on the button.

FO Friday Button.jpg


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