Wednesday 28 September 2011

And The Crafting is Back!

I have actually taken some photos today.  It helped that the sun was shining.  At the moment the temperatures are 10°C higher than the average for the time of year.  That's quite a significant amount.  All of my partner's colleagues are thanking him for bringing back the sunshine from Cyprus.  Thinking about it, the same thing happened when we went to Turkey last year.  Maybe he should have a whip round at work to send us away more often, so we can bring the sunshine back with us more often!

Anyway, back to the crafting.  As this is a Wednesday, I've got to share my WIPs.  I shall start with the crocheting I did on the plane journeys.  It wasn't very much.

Yup, that's it for two flights of four and a half hours each.  My only excuse is that I ended up reading a lot.  Oh and I was suffering from a nasty cold on the way back.  (If you know anyone who was on the flight from Paphos to East Midlands Airport on Saturday 24th September, tell them I'm sorry for the germs).   The pattern is a simple ripple, and is on Ravelry here.  I've never rippled before so I am enjoying it.  It will make great knit club project, or when we have company round.  I like to have projects like this on the go, as you know, so I'm sure it will get finished eventually.  It is being knit in Noro Kureyon Sock, and I am enjoying the colours as they emerge.  

I am currently storing my crochet in this little beauty.

It was waiting for me when I got home.  Take a look at the lining.

Sorry the photo isn't better, it's hard to get the zipper open enough to show it properly.  This box pouch is really well put together.  I'd been meaning to make one for ages, as it is a perfect style of project back.  But I didn't need to make it, because it was a prize from the lovely Jocelyn of Handmade By Knotty Gal.  It was surprise what I was going to win as there were around 5 different prizes and to enter we had to say which one we liked the best.  I gave a couple of options and I'm so pleased this is the one I got.  It is lovely fabric and really well made.  It's also not fabric I would buy myself, which means this is is a real treat.  I don't really buy pink, but I do secretly quite enjoy it in small vibrant doses!  So thanks Knotty Gal, I love my prize!

Anyway, back to my crafting.  I have made decent progress on the Austin Hoodie.  I am nearly up to the woven bands.

I do love the false seam, they look so smart.  I haven't really touched this since I got back off holiday though, because I have been obsessed with this:

It doesn't look much does it?  Well I believe it is going to be gorgeous.  It is my second version of my shawl design.  I finished the first version before I went on holiday and I've finally got a couple of photos of it, but I won't share those now.  I will share on Friday!  I am knitting this version in Rowan Fine Lace, which is their new lace weight yarn.  It is 70% Suri Alpaca and 30% Merino.  It is a beautifully soft and warm yarn.  There is also a very slight halo.  I think this shawl will be light and warm and versatile.  I can't see myself parting with it.  Hopefully as I finish this version, I will be able to finalise the pattern I've written sufficiently to get it test knitted.  Fingers crossed it will be done in a few weeks.  I am really proud of this pattern and I can't wait to show you the finished version.

I am also making progress on the Mitred Crosses Blanket for Japan.  I have finished knitting all the blocks and I have joined the top row together, using the three needle bind off method suggested by the pattern.  I haven't taken a photo of this, but maybe next week if I get any more put together, I will remember to get the camera out for an update.

So there we are, an update on most of my WIPs.  To see other projects in progress, click on the button below.


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