Friday 12 August 2011

A Finished Object!

It is Friday, and I have a fibrous finished object woohoo, three birds - one stone!  At the bottom of page are three buttons that will take you to the relevant FO and fibre related parties that I sometimes take part in.

I have at last taken some photos to share with you, of my Hitchhiker Shawl that I first talked about, what seems like eons ago.  I have finally found a great photo taking spot in my tiny entrance hall.  It is painted white and has good light first thing in the morning.  Now I have a proper tripod I can actually take photos of myself in there without behaving like a contortionist.  So with no further ado, I present one finished Hitchhiker.

One of the advantages of the yarn I used, is that it has so many colours in it, that is bound to work with something!

I used my lovely iKnit blocking wires to get the sharp and pointy teeth that you can see below.

Oh, and here is a shot that shows my new tripod, as I realised that I hadn't actually shown it to you yet, just it's effects.

I think this shawl will be mainly used a scarf in Winter, due to it's high wool content.

Essentially this was a nice, fun and mindless knit.  It was easy to grasp hold of the concept of how it was constructed, and then after a couple of points I no longer needed the pattern.

I'm pretty sure I will knit this pattern again at some point as it is great knit club knitting.  Maybe next time I'll try a semi-solid yarn.


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