Friday 1 July 2011

Greeny Goodness

I am so excited, I got my fabulous new scarf off the blocking boards this morning, and it is gorgeous!

The yarn has a delicious sheen, but then Semi-Precious always does, because of the silk, don'cha know!  Ooo dear I just went looking for a link to the yarn and I just fell in love with a new colourway - Stingray - go look, I dare you.

This is the third time I have used this yarn, and it never gets old.

I also can't tell you how much I love this pattern.  I was getting a little bored by the end, as I used up all my yarn, but it was worth it.  This scarf is just what I was looking for.

I apologise for the miserable expression on my face in the above and the next photo, but I'm quite sore today and finding it hard to be cheerful, despite my lovely new scarf. 

Normally I would wait to take the photos until I was feeling like faking a "happy" face, but I wanted to show you how lovely this scarf it - have I mentioned how lovely it is ;-)

I even like the reverse side of the scarf.  It has a  nice bouncy texture to it.

Having a pretty reverse means I will be quite happy about showing either side of the scarf as I wrap it round my neck.  This scarf is so long that it will be either hugely loopy, or hang down a loooong way, even when folded in half and having the ends threaded through the fold, like the second photo that I'm in.

I'm now really conflicted about what to knit next.  I have three delicious yarns that I want to play with, and I can't decide what to knit first.  My Little Red in the City book arrived just now as well, and I want to read that, as it looks so pretty and interesting - oooo I'm so confused, what first????  Maybe I'll just go and knit some more blocks from my Mitred Crosses Blanket for Japan, while I decide (I have six now)!

Please check out other finished projects by clicking on the buttons.  There are some very pretty ones this week, and I am being further tempted.


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