Wednesday 6 July 2011

Blanket Progress

I have been concentrating on my version of Mitred Crosses Blanket for Japan over the last few weeks.  My project monogamy is because instead of swatching for any of the projects I really want to make, in time to wear before the end of the Summer, I am designing a shawl.  I know there are lots of lovely shawls out there, but I intended to write a shawl pattern a while ago and never got around to it.  Now instead of the small shawlette I originally intended, I'm designing a whopping great big half-pi shawl in lace weight.  I have no idea what possessed me to start down this path but now I've started I can't stop.  So until I finish the design process, all my knitting brain is otherwise occupied and I will be doing nice mitred blocks.

I have 9 in total now.  I have sewn the ends in all but one of them.  The only reason I have one without ends sewn is, because I am half way through it.  The sewing in of ends on this project is a pain.  If I don't do them as I go, I know I will NEVER put this blanket together because of the huge job it would be at the end.  So I sew as I go.  I feel so virtuous.

I love the squares within squares that this pattern creates.  I am enjoying this project so much and it is perfect for leaving my brain free to conjure up fancy lace patterns.

I'm sure there are many more exciting projects to be seen on Tami's blog.  Click on the button to have a look.


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