Wednesday 25 May 2011

Wrapigan Work In Progress

If you are here to check out my giveaway, as part of Sew Mama, Sew Giveaway day, the relevant post is here

I am quite astounded at the number of comments that have been made on the above post.  The giveaway will stop at 4am UK time and Midnight EDT.  Any comments left after that time will not be included in the draw.  I did, however, wish I'd left off changing the name of this blog from something that began with C to something that began with S.  I would have been much higher up the page before.

Anyway back to normal activities.  As it is Wednesday I feel I need to post a Work In Progress update.  The trouble is, it's not very exciting.  I've been working all week on two things.  My Recovery Sweater and my Wrapigan.  But I've finished my Recovery Sweater so I need to post about that in a whole other type of post.

I only have my Wrapigan update to share and it is very dull.  I finished both sleeves and decided I had enough yarn left to add applied i-cord to all the un-hemmed edges.  Here is a cuff.  Neat isn't it?

And here I am applying the i-cord to the really really long edge starting at the bottom left hand front.  This then  runs all the way up the front, round the neck and back down the other side.  It is taking quite some time, after all this is 4 ply!

However, the end is in sight and I am on the home straight now.  I may actually get this edging finished tonight. Then on to the blocking boards it goes.  I can't wait to get this cardigan blocked, as you can't tell how it is going to hang until it is blocked, and this garment is all about the drape-age!

So sorry this is such a dull post, perhaps some of the other peeps with WIPs to share have more exciting photos to show than I do.  Click on the button below to take a gander at what else is going on.

At least you know that this time next week I will have a different project to share, even if it is one you have seen before.  I WILL finish all my pre-surgery cast-ons eventually, and get cracking on something a little more challenging.


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